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Misha on Taxes

Think you can't comprehend the tax code? Future President Misha explains it all! He's so confident of his "no brainers" approach that if you still don't get it after watching this video, he will personally forget to file your taxes for you... free of charge!**

**Not including the fees & penalties you'll incur for late payment of taxes once you get around to filing.

Misha on Safety & Security

Have your travel experiences been a little lacking in red tape and those little "special touches" that mean so much? Misha Collins' helpful training videos will help you better navigate the Transportation Security Administration's checkpoints for an optimal security theater experience in all your future travels.


Misha on Corporate Welfare

Don't worry, all you 1%ers! Misha Collins is no stranger to getting cozy with corporations. As the official spokesman for Serpessence, your inevitable Commander-in-Chief proves he knows how to pander to your corporate interests.

Family Values

Misha Collins always takes time out of his busy schedule for exploitative family photo ops to prove that at the end of the day, Presidents and World Leaders like Misha Collins are just like everyone else.*

*Assuming everyone else is an omnipotent, tyrannical Overlord hell-bent on achieving world domination when he's not busy changing diapers or taking the kids to the zoo.


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