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Get behind a candidate who grasps what's really important... a self-reliant, free-thinking candidate that isn't afraid to take a hands-on approach and experiment with unique positions. Get behind Misha Collins.


Tax Reform

As a former spokesman for the IRS , Misha Collins knows a thing or two about the tax code. As President, Misha Collins will work hand in hand with the IRS to simplify the tax code to the point that even he can read it and undertand what the hell it actually means.

National Security

Misha Collins is no stranger to issues of national security. He served as Director of Training for "TSA America." In this leadership role, he worked to develop procedures and protocols for bio assessment techniques, profiling integration and exploitation, toxic material management, and more.

Future President Collins was instrumental in educating agents throughout America about the proper methodology for identifying and analyzing unexpected bulges (an area of expertise for Collins). Misha Collins will institute legislation to make the training modules he developed mandatory viewing for all travelers worldwide. This will ensure that all travelers are aware of the protocols to follow for the best possible, most bureaucratic class six security theater experiences.

National Security: Put Up This Wall!

Many contemporary American politicians have argued that our country would be a lot safer if we had reinforcements in place to keep out certain "undesirable elements." With this in mind, Future President Misha Collins vows to build a wall around Donald Trump, entirely surrounding him and segregating him from other Americans*. Misha Collins also plans to get Trump to pay for it himself through a top secret plan currently known as "Operation Tell Donald We're Building A Super-Exclusive Golf Course."**

*For the record, this is the ONLY form of segregation Collins supports. He doesn't even sort his laundry.

**Collins' campaign managers are still working on the name of this covert operation. Shut up. It's a big decision.


"A chicken in every pot." Making good on Herbert Hoover's long neglected vision for America, as President Misha Collins will put Americans to work with a new initiateive, "Project Chicken & Pot" (PCP).

Collins supports making both chicken and pot accessible to all citizens. To ensure this, he plans to intiate a national outreach program. He plans to put enterprising young American entrepeneurs to work distributing both chicken and pot to every single citizen. Misha Collins is committed to making sure all Americans get a chance to experience PCP for themselves.

Mud Slinging

Some candidates speak out against mud slinging during an election year. Not Misha Collins! Destined President Collins has the balls to admit he is proud to embrace mud slinging tactics!


This position is near and dear to Misha Collins' heart. If— no, when— elected, this will be a position he will defend fiercely to all members of Congress... most likely over drinks after his inevitable impeachment hearings.

Though this position is admittdedly important to him, in interest of full disclosure he has gone on the record stating that he favors the Eiffel Tower. However, Collins recognizes that the president is a public servant. It's not all about him. Mostly, sure. But not all.

Science & Technology

Can any of those other Presidential wannabes say they have already claimed some real estate on Mars? Misha Collins can! Not only is Misha Collins a proponent of human space exploration, he has already "planted his flag" on the distant planet. Only Misha Collins has a proven track record of dedicated support for NASA and space exploration. You just don't get this kind of vision from any of the other candidates out there.

As president, Collins can be counted on to continue to support the space agency's endeavors. A true visionary, he has even gone on the record supporting equine space exploration. With ambitious plans for our future, Collins' policies with regard to space exploration promise to be truly out of this world.


Misha Collins has a track record of being in touch with the plebeian class. Presidential Shoo-In Collins' experience in economics started at an early age, when he was responsible for counting over 4000 pennies for his father. Together with his brother, Collins successfully managed the family fortune, analyzing the diverse holdings and organizing their liquid assets into small paper coin wrappers. Collins will bring his experience and his dedication to microeconomics to the White House, counting every penny and making every penny counts in our federal budget to ensure a brighter tomorrow.


Future Commander-in-Chief Collins has nothing but the utmost respect for those who serve and protect.

As a former "naval safety officer," Misha Collins also knows a thing or two about military operations. Once appointed Commander-in-Chief, Collins vows to ensure that all servicepeople learn from his expertise.

Social Welfare Programs

Your Next President Misha Collins supports making the world a better, kinder place. When he's not busy being a tyrannical Overlord, acting on TV*, or taking his kids to the park, he's working toward the goal of taking over the world, one random act of kindness at a time. While this may seem like a blatant power grab (and it probably is), Collins believes that Random Acts makes meaningful changes in ways both big and small. President Collins acknowledges that while he might be a maniacal dictator, there is true power in kindness. He encourages all citizens to support Random Acts. Together, we truly can change the world.

*Don't worry! The acting thing is just a part time gig for extra spending money. He can totally handle two part time jobs! Rest assured he will have no problem squeezing in a few hours a week to run a global superpower.

Foreign Policy

Misha Collins believes in being a good neighbor. Whether it's making sure to bring in the garbage cans for the guy living next door or helping those in countries with fewer resources, Collins can be counted on to do his best to try to make the world a better place.

Soon-to-Be President Collins has previously supported charitable efforts to help build an orphanage for the wonderful children of Haiti. Now, he is calling on citizens of the world to help bring access to education to the people of Nicaragua by building a school campus for the Free High School of San Juan del Sur. Collins encourages all citizens of the world to join Random Acts in helping our amazing neighbors in Nicaragua today.

Other Positions

We're not sure what you call this, but we're confident that this position is one that few of the other candidates would be willing to embrace (though we'd love to see Hillary try). Misha Collins is an open-minded and flexible candidate who still has the guts to take a firm stance and defend his positions. He is clearly a candidate willing to truly support his fellow man. Misha Collins is your best choice for President in 2016!

Platform Promises

In an election year crowded with politicians rambling on and on with the same empty promises, one candidate truly stands out. Misha Collins. Future President Misha Collins won't give you the same empty promises. He'll give you completely new empty promises, like promising you a solar powered commuter dragon. Misha Collins is the only candidate dedicated to helping you dream big, which is why he's hard at work on FDA approval for his patented "dream enlargment" pills.*

*You probably got an email about this.

Future President Collins' platform includes promises of unlimited ice cream, Margarita Mondays, and pony rides for free. Once elected, Collins will enact legislation to ban paper cuts, glitter where glitter doesn't belong, and tedium in general. Once elected, Future President Collins will also work with Congress to ban the song "Lola*" from all earworm playlists.

*L-O-L-A Lola. La-la-la-la-Lola...

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so help corrupt Misha Collins by putting him back in control of the White House! You were probably planning on voting for a megalomaniacal narcissist anyway, so why not choose the only one that's honest enough to admit he plans to bring chaos to the White House? Let's make the next four years really interesting. Vote for Misha Collins for President!